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Artists of Color: An Interview With YouTubers Married2TheReal

Note: Featured image based off of graphic design by Jazz (@Jxxcreations)

Have you ever heard of a reaction video? Well, it’s basically just that: a video of people reacting to things, usually a show.  For the longest time, I never watched one and after I recently finished re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (for probably the fiftieth time), I wanted more. I wanted to see how others reacted when they first saw it and after a quick YouTube search, I stumbled across Married2TheReal. Consisting of married couple Tasha and Tre, they post reactions and even “real talk” sessions where they discuss their thoughts more thoroughly on a show or whatever’s going on in their lives or a subscriber’s.

Luckily enough, I was able to interview the pair and they talk about their own origin story, mindsets, and aspirations. Enjoy!

What made you want to start the channel in the first place? Why reaction videos?

Tasha: Well, honestly, it was all Tre. He’s an extrovert who’s also interested in acting, so he brought up the idea one day about our own videos. He watched YouTube videos all the time. He wanted us to share our insight and knowledge about shows, and talked me into it.

That’s really smart, because he’ll already be on camera, which is great practice. He does seem like an entertainer. So, does this mean you guys always set out to do it as a couple?

Tasha: No, we always had other things going on. He was in the military first, and then he got into bartending. I always worked regular jobs and whatnot, but it eventually became an “I wanna work for myself” situation. One day, we got everything we needed and just went from there. We definitely didn’t think we would be where we are [now], but we are glad we did it.

I’m glad you guys did too. It’s always inspiring to see people make it happen themselves, especially people of color in an entertainment industry that’s dominated by white men. You mentioned the insight you guys have, it’s obvious to anybody who watches your videos. It’s one of the many reasons I subscribed. Aside from that, what do you think makes people who have never seen you before, or have never even heard of a reaction video, hit the subscribe button?

Tasha: Sometimes, I feel like we’re a breath of fresh air for people. We try to be very honest and down-to-earth, and I think people enjoy that.  

Tre: I also think it’s us being real, not faking if we don’t like or agree with what we see. That’s why I chose the name “Married2TheReal.” I knew we would always be real, if nothing else. We are very genuine, and we hope that comes across in the videos and makes people subscribe.

Right, I can definitely see that. The name is perfect. What always surprises me is not only how consistently you put up videos, but also how consistently good they are. Not to mention the enthusiasm you show in every video. How do you maintain that? If you’re going through a rough day, have other things on your mind, or just genuinely don’t like what you’re reacting to, how do you keep that energy and quality?

Tre: All in all, we definitely try to stay positive in each video because our main goal is to make people have a better day. If we are in a mood that we can’t get out of, then we honestly just take a day off because we don’t wanna give anyone bad vibes. If it’s a reaction that we aren’t feeling, I think because we have each other to talk to about it, our banter still isn’t super dull and sometimes even becomes funny.

It definitely is funny! Personally, I think Tasha’s funniest because she’s always saying what I’m thinking. I’ve noticed you guys are getting more recognition and praise from the people behind the shows you’re watching. How does that make you feel? Is there any pressure because you guys could be considered critics too, instead of just viewers?

They’ve gotten praised by many creators, but most namely the writer’s behind The CW’s Arrow!

Tre: I don’t feel pressured because they’re shows we genuinely like. And even though I love that show, I’ll still be critical, and I hope they respect that.  I was so excited when they actually said they enjoy watching us give input on their shows because when you watch, you watch for enjoyment and never think anyone on that level notices you.

Tasha: Thanks for saying I’m your favorite. *laughs* In my adult life, I’ve always been that person to say what comes to mind, so I hope other people like that too. As far as the shows go, I was beyond the moon when they told us they watched us and enjoyed it. Never did I ever think we would be recognized by staff and stars. I’m also good at deduction, so I love figuring things out and just have to hope I’m not too annoying about it

Right, I can tell. I actually never thought about that – like, they might think you’re accidentally spoiling something. So how do you decide what new shows you’re going to watch? I can tell anything comic book related is your go-to.

Tasha: Well, if it’s something we’re into, like comic book shows, then we try  to pick it up. Anything we may have liked the first season of gets a definite pick up for season two, and we also listen to subscriber requests.

That makes sense. You’ve reacted to plenty already, but I guess as more people watch your channel, you get more requests. When did you start the channel? I understand you guys had to get a new one for whatever reason, right?

Tasha: Ah, yes. We started our first channel March 5, 2017 with the same name. We mostly did a lot of anime starting first, which is how we get our awesome realists (fanbase), but of course we got strikes because Japan doesn’t have the same fair use law as the U.S. It was a very eye-opening and disheartening experience, but at that point we were all in and started over. We had to be selective with what we posted going forward, even though we knew some subscribers wouldn’t follow us to the new channel.

Oh, I understand. And really, for a channel so young, you guys have gone really far! My last question is more of a general one, but I think it’s the most important. I look at you as content-creators first and foremost. What advice do you have for people who are looking to create content of their own too, regardless of what that content may be?

Tasha: First and foremost: be yourself. Even if you are inspired by someone, put your best self in the content and never try to copy anyone else. After that, be consistent. If you have content people like and post enough, you will grow. Never care about the numbers; all of that will come if you put yourself into what you’re creating. It’s hard work that may never be appreciated the way you want, so you definitely have to be doing something that you like.

Very well-said. Thanks! Anything else you guys would like to add? Something for the fans, perhaps?

Tre: This is only for the real.

Actually, that’s perfect.

Tasha: But seriously, thanks so much for your time. We just hope to keep putting smiles on people’s faces.

What a beautiful couple and what an awesome channel! (Credit: Sandals Resorts)

Wish granted. Their videos always make me smile and laugh, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. If you’ve already checked out their channel and subscribed, another way to support them is to go on their Patreon account!

Nothing but love.

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