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Five Reasons You Should Be Watching Marvel’s ’Runaways’

In this golden age of comic book television, it is rare for a show to drastically change from one season to another without making the show feel like a different series. The last show I can remember doing something similar to that is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (all five seasons are on Netflix). Season 2 of Runaways did just that. They were able to keep the essence of what attracted people to the show in the first place while making this latest season feel new and fresh from its predecessor.

The cast of Marvel’s Runaways (Courtesy of Hulu/Marvel)

Season 2 of Runaways picks up right where the premiere season left off. The kids are on the run and still trying to stop their parents from destroying the city. This season the parents are trying to take down Jonah, while chasing down their kids and be the faces of PRIDE.

Runaways is one of Marvel’s most unique and original properties to date and here are five reasons why you should be watching:

No Filler Episodes

Sometimes when a show is given a 13-episode season you’ll find some “filler” type episodes sprinkled throughout the season so they don’t burn through the main storyline too quickly. Each episode of Runaways feels like an essential part of the overarching story. Although the season finale is perfect, I would’ve loved a few more episodes. This season was so good it makes you want more.

The Cast

In terms of cast size, Runaways has one of the biggest casts, where each member plays a vital role in the show. The writers did an amazing job of balancing out screen time while never forgetting the main focus is the kids. In the comic books, the parents of PRIDE are nowhere near as empathic and relatable to their live-action counterparts. This is one thing that really grounds the emotional aspects of the show, although the parents are technically evil you see their perspectives clearly. They laid the groundwork perfectly in the first season and built upon it in the second.

If you look at other comic book shows it’s more than likely the protagonist will be in their 20’s & 30’s and the team around them is usually close in age with a few older and younger characters in small supporting roles. With Runaways, we have a diverse group of actual teens and a full cast of adults who are the main antagonist. Runaways is a great example of an inclusive and diverse cast. The cast feels so organic and natural because they are representative of the actual world we live in today and that’s exactly how it should be.  

The MCU tie-ins

I’ll be as vague as possible on this because I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises for you! Runaways has plenty of Easter eggs that connect the show to the MCU world in seamless ways. From Alex mentioning Wakanda to Nico’s staff, there are so many cool little nods to the MCU and other MCU shows like Cloak and Dagger. Don’t be surprised if Runaways and Cloak and Dagger crossover in the future.

Mental Health

The kids have run away from their normal lives and are in a stressful position. They don’t have access to everything they used to, which has negative impacts on some members of the group. Running away affects Gert the most because of her anxiety, which she takes medicine for. Now that she no longer has access to those prescriptions she must learn to deal without them. The Runaways writer did a great job of tackling this subject in a respectful way. I appreciated that it was something that they revisited over the season and they didn’t just gloss over it. It is important that shows address these topics because it lets viewers that do struggle with their mental health know that they aren’t alone. Showing these normal struggles many people go through also gives viewers who might not have these issues a glimpse of what their friends or relatives have to deal with it on a daily basis.

Nico and Karolina

Two of the many highlights of the second season are Nico and Karolina! Although the show does a great job of letting everybody shine, throughout the season these two steal the show! The VFX budget this season must’ve been insane because Nico and Karolina use their respective powers A LOT. Nico has some of the coolest scenes I’ve seen from any comic book show. She really comes into her own with her magical powers and there is an obvious tie-in to Doctor Strange that I expect them to explore a lot more in season three. Karolina also really figures out more about herself and her powers this season and they explore her families backstory that is mindblowing. This season also dives into their relationship, which is heartfelt and beautifully portrayed. You get to see their highs and lows and it feels genuine.

Marvels Runaways is available to stream on Hulu now!

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