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‘Ralph Breaks VR’ Takes Virtual Reality to the Next Level

Following their new movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, the lovable giant and glitchy princess have made their return to the screen already, but not how you think. Wreck-It RalphRalph Breaks VR is an original hyper-reality experience created by ILMxLAB and the VOID in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

The original, immersive hyper-reality experience gives guests the opportunity to step inside the internet with the film’s main characters, Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz 

Watch the trailer below: 

Curtis Hickman, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of The VOID said, “Designing the elements that pull you irresistibly into the unique world of Ralph and Vanellope has been an incredibly fun process.”

He went on to say,  “What we’ve created together with ILMxLAB is an astounding adventure that allows people to experience a unique extension of Wreck-It Ralph’s detailed characters, environments, and stories. With this new experience, we are able to truly showcase the capabilities of The VOID, allowing guests to once more step beyond reality.”

Pamela Ribon, co-writer of Ralph Breaks the Internet, writer for Ralph Breaks VR, and voice of B.E.V. said, “It’s incredible to work on an experience like Ralph Breaks VR that lets you live inside a film you’ve spent years creating. ILMxLAB and The VOID have built a world where Ralph and Vanellope really come alive around you.”

During the visit, I had an awesome time stepping into the world of the internet. Ralph Breaks VR uses Leap Motion tracking devices mounted on the front of headsets to capture the hand movements of the player, which was cool because most of the time in order to see your hands in VR you need devices to equip to your hand. Once you start the first task, what you had to accomplish was hand-selecting a changing panel of buttons in order to fix the power. If you chose the wrong one then you’d receive a little shock that is in the The VOID’s haptic vests. 

The next segment involved separating the group into teams of two. Then it sent one of the teams far across the map. Although the virtual reality made it seem like they were hundreds of feet away, we were all still standing in the same room. According to the developers, the gameplay device is intended to make the player believe “the impossible is possible.”

If you stayed for the post-credit scene from Ralph Breaks the Internet, you’d know a certain bunny met its demise by eating too many pancakes. Well, it turns out that bunny had family and you must defeat them with pancake bullets and milkshake grenades.

Image Credit: ILMxLAB / The VOID / Walt Disney Animation Studios

Ralph Breaks VR is now available at the following VOID Experience Centers: 

  • Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL
  • Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA Glendale Galleria in Glendale, CA
  • The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian | The Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV Cinemark WestPlano in Plano, TX
  • The Rec Room West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • The Rec Room Toronto Roundhouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tickets start at $29.95 per person and may vary per location.

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