Geeks of Color had the opportunity to attend this year’s ComplexCon, which took place at the Long Beach Convention Center this past weekend. This year’s con offered attendees the exciting opportunity to step into the world of Aquaman with the new Aquaman experience! The simulation is both immersive and interactive allowing you to get a glimpse of James Wan’s vast underwater world. A world we have become familiar with thanks to the trailers for the upcoming underwater epic, but this experience takes it up a notch. The next best thing would be to experience the world in theatres on December 21st.

Haven’t seen the first Aquaman trailer? Check it out now.

Back to the experience, the set is like an underwater dome with an interactive screen that shows you the beauty of Atlantis! Every inch of the set up is designed to capture the scale and scope of Wan’s vision. Here is our very own Dorian Parks interacting with the Aquaman experience, click here.

And here is come of the cool Aquaman merchandise:

More coverage from Complex Con coming soon.

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