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Geeks of Color

Greetings to all of our loyal Geeks of Color followers. As the founder of Geeks of Color, I was deeply saddened to be informed of an unsolicited misconduct allegation that was made within the Geeks of Color family. As the EIC for Geeks of Color I sincerely apologize to our beloved member that was put into an uncomfortable situation. After investigating the allegation, swift action was taken to remove the person responsible. Geeks of Color will not tolerate any acts of misconduct, towards any of our volunteers.

It is vital for me as the EIC to maintain the respect and trust from the Geeks of Color team and our followers. As Geeks of Color is a volunteer-based site, it is important that each contributing member is given the respect and attention they deserve for their time and effort. We will have Geeks of Color updated with new information by the end of the first week of November.

To ensure that no one is ever subjected to this experience again under my watch, I have taken steps to create a safe environment for all GOC volunteers going forward. The new guidelines and policies will be sent to all GOC volunteers personally. Together we shall strive to change for the better.


Michael Dorian Parks

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