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New Free Games for Xbox Gold Subscribers

It’s a new month which means new free games for subscribers of Xbox Live Gold.

This month’s free games include Victor Vran and Xbox 360’s Hitman: Blood Money.

Victor Vran is comparable to a Diablo-like action RPG. Players get to step into the shoes of the hero Victor, a demon slayer in Zagoravia hired to fight skeletons, vampires, giant spiders and everything else infesting the city.


Victor Vran (Courtesy of Xbox)

A GameSpot review by Cameron Woolsey said the game was: “hard-hitting and immensely satisfying, and watching a large group of creaking skeletons explode into chunks of bone from a shotgun blast or well-placed bomb never gets old.”

Hitman: Blood Money is the next instalment in a long-running series starring the famed assassin. The game starts with employers of Agent 47 dying after being personally targeted by a mysterious organization causing you as the player to jump in and take down targets in anyway that you deem necessary.

Hitman: Blood Money will be free between now and October 31 while Victor Vran will be available for free until November 15.

Are you excited for the new games? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!

Source: Gamespot

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