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SEGA Genesis Getting the HD Console Treatment

One year after the announcement of the Super NT, Analogue has announced the Mega SG.

The Mega SG will be powered by the same technology that made the Super NT possible and will be available for pre-order on Analogue’s website for $190 USD, with shipping set to begin in April 2019. The console will come in US, Japan and European editions, as well as a white console variant.

Check out the quality reference video featuring Gunstar Heroes from Analogue below:

Analogue’s Christopher Taber told Polygon last year, “We want to do more systems, there’s no question. We’d like to go through video game history — especially a lot of the stuff that’s especially, or unlikely, to ever get any OEM treatment from the original company, like Nintendo is doing — and make systems that are made with respect and care and attention to detail and allow people to celebrate and explore those platforms.”

Like Analogue’s past Super NT system, the Mega SG will not come with controllers. However, Analogue has ‘Retro Receivers’, including the 8DitDo M30 (in black or white) available for purchase separately for $24.99 USD.

Will you be checking out the Mega SG? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Source: Polygon

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