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John Ridley’s ‘Other History of the DC Universe’ to Launch With Focus on Black Lightning

DC comics has an illustrious history be it the origins of the son of Krypton who grows up to become one of Earth’s greatest heroes or a boy orphaned in Gotham who becomes a dark knight. The tribulations, victories, legacies and epic battles of these characters have molded what many know as the DC universe. This mythology is set to expand with a new series titled  The Other History of the DC Universe.

The Other History of the DC Universe will consider the mythology as we know it from the perspective of characters who represent the” traditionally disenfranchised in society”, their stories revealing a complex truth about being a hero. Written by Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, American Crime) the project is set to be released as a combination of prose and spot illustrations.

According to THR, each issue will focus on a different core character with a different artist attached to each. With the series set to examine character stories with an intimacy and complexity.

The Other History of the DC Universe #1 (Image by Alex Dos Diaz via DC Comics)

The character list includes the legendary Tatsu Yamashiro, better known as Katana from Suicide Squad, Renee Montoya as well as Karen and Mal Duncan among others with the first issue set to explore the story of Jefferson Pierce, a star athlete who becomes the hero many know as  Black Lightning.

The project is a nod to the 1986 series History of the DC Universe written by Marv Wolfman, the series is described as having created “a coherent timeline for the DC’s entire mythology  including stories set in the 30th century and beyond for the first time in the wake of the fan favourite Crisis on Infinity Earths comic book series”.

The Other History of the DC Universe, a release from the DC Black Label imprint, will be available from the Jan. 30, 2018 digitally and in comic book stores.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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