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‘Arrow’: Predictions for Season Seven

Although I say this for every season, I am really excited for the next season of Arrow. What can I say? They have a knack for season finales. I didn’t enjoy season six as much as I did season five, but it was still pretty good because it had more detail to the villains and introduced character dynamics we haven’t seen before. While I didn’t like all of it, it was interesting to see how Oliver, William and Felicity acted as a family unit, and how Curtis, Dinah and Rene acted as a separate team.

I’m excited for season seven because things are starting out on a horrible note (much like season two). Oliver is outed as the Green Arrow and is in prison with his enemies; Felicity is raising a teenager she just met a few years ago by herself; Lance is dead; Thea is gone; Team Arrow is no more, and we have no idea who the mayor is. To top it all off, Ricardo “The Dragon” Diaz is on the loose. This leaves lots of theories to be had because everything is so drastically different. Even though season five ended with a jaw-dropping bang—literally—I think I prefer it this way because it’s so much more practical and limits my theories.

So without further ado, here are my theories for season seven:

Ricardo Diaz is going to get more hands-on


Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) is definitely a threat (Photo credit: The CW)

Since the FBI on his tail, Diaz has no better options than to go rogue. With so many men in his back pocket, one of them is bound to rat him out. Plus, he knows Star City is more vulnerable than ever, so he’d be a fool not to take advantage of that. He’s not as cunning as Merlyn, as personal as Slade, or as passionate as Prometheus. Diaz is your classic gangster seeking to build his own empire. I’m not saying he’s better or worse than them, I’m saying we’re going to see why he’s in a league all on his own.

This makes sense logically, but it would also make sense stylistically for the writers. We only got to focus on him in the second half of last season and he was very hands-off, content with letting his followers do his dirty work. It only makes sense that we see him take matters into his own hands for the sake of something new.

Felicity is going to work with Roy


Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak on Arrow (Photo credit: The CW)

Roy was announced to be coming back as a series regular, so this gives me more hope for Star City. In the trailer, we find out that someone was dressed as the Green Arrow and practicing archery on bad guys — and I have no doubt that’s him. With Diggle at ARGUS, Felicity is the only one left that he knows, so it makes sense for him to go to her. They also both need to lay low, so I think they’ll have their own covert mini Team Arrow to figure out where Diaz is and possibly break Oliver out. I know she and Oliver agreed that he would legally do his life sentence, but it’s television and she needs a break.

Prison is going to be relentless for Oliver

Inmate #4587

Vinnie Jones as Danny “Brick” Brickwell, Cody Rhodes as Derek Sampson, and Michael Jai White as Ben “Bronze Tiger” Turner (Photo credit: The CW)

He’s not going to be in as much danger as he was when he was stranded on Lian Yu, but he’ll be in danger nevertheless. They’ve made it very clear through the trailer and some interviews that Oliver will get into fights because he’s in a maximum security prison with people he sent there. They’re obviously out for revenge, and because Star City has corruption written all over it, I wouldn’t put it past the security guards to help them. The inmates who have it out for Oliver are bound to gang up on him, but I know he’ll give them a run for their money.

Black Siren is going to be the new assistant attorney general and expose the people on Diaz’s payroll


Katie Cassidy as Black Siren (Photo credit: Daniel Power/The CW)

With no more Diaz or Lance, and the fact that she’s on New Team Arrow’s bad side, Earth-2 Laurel will have no choice but to fill Earth-1 Laurel’s shoes. Whether it be on the field or in a precinct, Laurel was always about justice. I don’t think Black Siren is nearly as passionate about it as she was, but I get the feeling she is tired of being a pawn, and dismantling Diaz’s influence would definitely give her some closure. Quite frankly, I think the disrespect the writers showed Earth-1 Laurel (as a whole) is unparalleled, but Katie Cassidy shines as Black Siren.

While I have some other hopes for the show including Diggle/Spartan acting in character, my boy René/Wild Dog getting the quality time he deserves with his daughter, and Curtis/Mr. Terrific showing us his hair routine, the points listed above are my predictions.  I can’t wait to see where season seven takes us and if my guesses were aimed in the right direction.

Will you be tuning in to season seven? If so, let me know in the comment section below!

Season seven premieres on tomorrow (Monday, October 15) at 8/7 CST on The CW.

Nothing but love.

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  1. it is still a disrespect to think that black siren could take laurel shoes as a DA by reading a few law books while Larel had to go to law school for that…

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