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First Lego ‘Overwatch’ Set Omnic Bastion Now Available To Order

Overwatch fans are going to be eating really good. Blizzard Entertainment recently just announced that they are expanding the merchandise line for their incredibly popular gaming series. From costumes to Nerf guns, they are bringing it all soon to fans who which to collect items outside of the game. Funko already has released multiple waves of Overwatch Pop figures, but now the other collectible titan is joining the market. Earlier in the week, Blizzard and Lego released a teaser hyping up fans for the first announcements for the first Lego Overwatch line. One can view the teaser below.

Via Variety, it is now known what the first set will be, Lego Omnic Bastion. The 182 piece set reaches 4 inches tall when completed. The set will be compatible with other Lego pieces outside of this line for more creative building. This is the first of six teased characters who have been teased to get a faithful Lego set. Making it Bastion in the Omnic crisis skin is an interesting choice that may have some fans upset, but hey its the first time the characters are reaching this platform so do not complain. More will come eventually come down the line.


Via Lego

Those who attend Blizzcon 2018 will be able to pick up the set for 25$. The rest of the eager collectors should not fear for the set is now available to order for the same price online at the Blizzard Gear store. One should get theirs now if they are really dying for the set.

There are still five more Lego sets to be revealed, so even if Omnic Bastion is not for you something else is bound to be. What are your thoughts on the first Overwatch Lego set? Are you excited to add Omnic Bastion to your collection? Order yours now and let us know on our social media. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Lego’s Overwatch line!

Source: Variety

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