Clem in The Walking Dead The Final Season Courtesy of Telltale Games

Skybound to ‘Continue’ Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season

UPDATE: Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller has shared the following statement from Skybound about the publisher’s finishing The Walking Dead: The Final Season:

It appears Skybound does intend to bring on developers from TWD’s Telltale team to complete the story.

ORIGINAL STORY: It’s only been a few weeks since Telltale Games’ shuttering, an action that saw over 250 employees suddenly laid off without warning or severance pay. The news dropped days ahead of Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s launch, leaving many to worry Clem’s story would go unfinished. For a while, that certainly seemed to be the case. However, Skybound Games, a division of Skybound Entertainment has announced that it’s looking to close the season out as planned.

The news came courtesy of a Skybound Games post on Twitter. Check it out below:

It’s a bittersweet turn of events. Yes, we’re all thrilled that Clem will get the ending her moving story deserves. Yet, there remains concern about what this entails for the hundreds of Telltale employees that were laid off. Will Skybound or Telltale reach out to some of the former developers responsible for The Walking Dead’s gaming success? We’ll have to wait and see.


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