Capcom Confirms Mega Man Film is in the Works

Mega Man Courtesy of Capcom

Capcom has confirmed that its beloved Mega Man IP does indeed have a live-action film in the works. For now, the film is simply being referred to as Mega Man; however, this title may be subject to change.

The creative force behind the project seems set in stone. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman,  both of whom were executive producers on Catfish: The TV Show, have been tapped to write and direct. The duo also directed Paranormal Activity 3 and Paranormal Activity 4.

20th Century Fox will distribute Mega Man. Producing the film is Chernin Entertainment, most notably known for the recent Planet of the Apes films. Masi Oka will also undertake producing duties. Many may recognize Oka from his series regular role on Heroes as Hiro Nakamura.

In a statement regarding the announcement, Capcom said the following:

…Capcom aims to appeal to a diverse audience, including not only game players but action movie fans as well, with an adaptation that maintains the world of the Mega Man games, while incorporating the grand production and entertainment value that Hollywood movies are known for.

The publisher has yet to provide further details, such as information on plot and a release date.

[Source: PC Gamer]

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