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Ron Perlman and T.I. to Join Milla Jovovich in Live-Action ‘Monster Hunter’

Live-action films based on video games tend to have a bad rap in Hollywood. Even though they often prove to be very successful at the box office, the fans of the games are almost always left wanting more. Resident Evil proved to have an audience with a six-film franchise. No other video game has managed to have this longterm success in film.

So, who better yet to adapt Capcom’s popular game series Monster Hunter than the people behind the Resident Evil films? Paul W.S Anderson is writing and directing with Milla Jovovich leading the cast. Anderson did the same with wife Jovovich on their last few films.

The Hollywood Reporter has just learned who will be beside Jovovich in the film. If one is not already sold, then the additions of T.I. Harris and Ron Perlman might seal the deal. Harris is very well known for his career as a rapper, but his dive into Hollywood has been quite successful with the Ant-Man films being more recently under his belt. Perlman has grown quite a cult following with favored roles such as Hellboy and Clay from Sons of Anarchy.


(Perlman via Getty Images)

Harris will be playing a Sniper named Link. Perlman will play the leader of the main Hunter’s crew who is ironically named Admiral. Monster Hunter is already set to shoot next month in South Africa, so more casting updates are bound to come soon. Screen Gems are taking over U.S distribution with Sony handling international affairs.

Monster Hunter could prove to be a difficult gaming franchise to develop into film. The games carry a rather straightforward narrative. This movie is going to have to develop something much more if it wishes to build legs strong enough for a series. Fans of the games can only hope that the monsters themselves look amazing onscreen.

How do you feel about a Monster Hunter film starring Milla Jovovich, T.I. Harris, and Ron Perlman? Do you think this could be the next game to film hit? Let us know on our social media and stay tuned for more updates on the film!

Source: THR

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