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‘The Eternals’ – Top 2 Choices for Ikaris and Sersi

With the recent news that Marvel’s Eternals will be directed by Chloe Zhao (The Rider), it seemed like as good a time as any to put together a short fancast that comprises my top choices for the two characters that are confirmed for the upcoming film: Ikaris and Sersi.

With these two members being the only ones mentioned thus far, this fancast will be short and to the point. What we know right now is that Ikaris and Sersi will serve as love interests for one another and not much else. So, I decided to make a fancast solely about these two – specifically my top two choices to play each of these roles.

So, without further ado, here are my fancast choices for Sersi and Ikaris!


Samantha Jo as Sersi in The Eternals

My first choice for Sersi is Samantha Jo. A Canadian actress, Jo is no stranger to the realm of superheroes. Most recently, she was featured in both Wonder Woman and Justice League as the Amazon, Euboea. Before that, Jo was the stunt actress for Antje Traue when she portrayed Faora in Man of Steel, as well as doing the stunt work for Eva Green’s character in 300: Rise of an Empire. It’s clear the talented actress has just what it takes to fit right into the cast of The Eternals and therefore, she is my top choice to bring Sersi to life in live-action.


Garrett Hedlund as Ikaris in The Eternals

My top choice for Ikaris is none other than Garrett Hedlund. The American has proved time and time again that he has the acting chops to be believable in just about anything. So, why not as Ikaris in The Eternals? Hedlund has been in action films before, including TroyPan, and Tron: Legacy so he would know just what’s in store for him in a Marvel Studios film. Hedlund also has a swagger that would translate well to a persona that is larger than life; a being that is meant to be a god – just like Ikaris.


Maggie Q as Sersi in The Eternals

Also in the running to become Sersi for me is Maggie Q. The Hawaii-born Q has films like Mission: Impossible III, The Divergent Series, and Live Free or Die Hard under her belt, as well as playing the titular character in the Nikita reboot, so Q would make a great Sersi. Not only does Q look the part, but she would definitely be believable as one of the most prominent female characters in The Eternals. Q could rock the role of Sersi perfectly.


Jason Lewis as Ikaris in The Eternals

Another contender for the role of Ikaris is Jason Lewis. Probably best-known for his role as Smith Jerrod on Sex and the City, Lewis can currently be seen as Joe Strong on the Midnight, Texas series based on the book by True Blood writer Charlaine Harris. Playing a fallen angel on that series, I can totally see Lewis knocking the role of the powerful Ikaris out of the park.

I will have to brush up on my Eternals lore before the film, but I am excited for it. Hope you enjoyed this short, but sweet fancast! Be sure to let me know what you think in the comment section below and let me know who your choices for Sersi and Ikaris are.

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