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Washington D.C. Overwatch Team Hires League’s First Female Coach

Eight new franchises are expected to enter the Overwatch esports league in the upcoming 2019 season including a team from the nation’s capital D.C. and they’re already hitting the ground running with two new additions to their staff: analyst Mikael “mkL” Skjønhaug from Last Night’s Leftovers, and coach Molly “AVALLA” Kim.

Kim is a former Meta Bellum coach and has worked with teams across Contenders regions, including OpTic Academy. She’s also a  high-level Overwatch player, herself, ranking within the top 100 players in South Korea. Her new position as one of the coaches for the D.C. team makes her the first female Overwatch coach to be signed in the Overwatch League. Kim expressed her excitement on her twitter, the tweet of which can be seen below:

Current head coach of the D.C.  team Kim “WizardHyeong” Heyong-seok said, “I’m happy to have AVALLA and mkL join the coaching staff. They bring international experience and a great work ethic. Together, we’re well on our way to building the best coaching staff in the league.”

The window for signing players is currently ongoing but all teams are required to have a full roster of eight layers by December 1st.  No start date for the league has currently been set.

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