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Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ Breaks Opening Sales Record for PS4

Ever since it was first announced Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 has been set to be something special. The exclusivity of it, the plethora of suits, the fresh story, and developer Insomniac’s take on the character all came together for a recipe of success, commercially and financially.

Sony has come forward with the news that the self-titled game has sold 3.3 million copies in 3 days, which is a record for the company. Without breaking things down too much for us simpletons, that roughly equates to around 198 million bucks. Not too shabby.


We all expected this game to be a smash hit, but these numbers were unprecedented. Of course, Sony is reported including the games that sold with the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, but they apparently haven’t included the prices of the console itself. A game selling consoles is a big deal, so that number being added to that $198 million will probably tip the scales. After all, the console did sell out initially.

Keep in mind these are only the numbers after 3 days. We’ll be seeing more reports swinging in with time, but these numbers are definitely amazing to see. Two spidey jokes there, in case you didn’t notice.

Source: USA Today

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