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A New ‘Kingsman’ Film Is Reportedly Set To Premiere On November 8, 2019

Fox’ Kingsman is back, returning in 2019 with Matthew Vaughn set to reprise his role as director and writer once more, as revealed by a tweet from Exhibitor Relations

After the success of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the writing was on the wall for another instalment in the franchise, but it’s interesting to note that says “Untitled Kingsman Movie” as it could be either the third instalment or the prequel film Vaughn previously talked about, but sadly no information beyond that has been revealed.



Matthew Vaughn


Alongside his prequel thoughts, Vaughn had expressed his desire to expand and flesh out the Kingsman universe, possibly creating a companion television series to go along with the films.

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The film is rumoured to begin filming in the UK in January, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Source: Exhibitor Relations

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