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Chloe Zhao to Direct ‘The Eternals’ for Marvel

Prepare to explore Marvel’s cosmic universe, because Chloe Zhao (The Rider) has been hired to helm Marvel’s The Eternals.

Chloe Zhao was amongst the shortlist to direct Black Widow, but the gig went to Cate Shortland. However, Marvel was clearly taken with Zhao and have brought her on board this ambitious new project, which is potentially the answer to DC’s New Gods over at Warner Bros.

The Eternals is a massive next step for the indie director, who is most notable for her latest feature The Rider, which received critical praise during its festival run. It is also a huge undertaking for Marvel to introduce this lesser-known universe, but Marvel has succeeded with some of their more obscure characters before.


Ikaris from The Eternals (Image via Marvel Comics)

The Eternals follows a fictional race of humanity that was created by a genetic experiment by the Celestials when they visited Earth. The Eternals and the Deviants were the results of this genetic experiment, and the Eternals lead to the creation of mankind. The film would essentially follow The Eternals on an ongoing battle with their monstrous, grotesque counterparts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a romance will be a key aspect of the film. The romance will be between Ikaris, a man fueled by cosmic energy, and Sersi, who lives amongst humans. It is being reported the studio is looking to assemble a diverse cast of various shapes and sizes to play the super-powered and near-immortal beings. The Eternals may also be Marvel’s next franchise within the MCU.

Marvel has yet to comment on the news.

Source: THR

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