Adam Beach and Grace Dove to Star in Supernatural/Thriller Film ‘Monkey Beach’

The film Monkey Beach has expanded its cast, adding Adam Beach and Grace Dove.

The supernatural thriller is set to explore the story of  young woman, Lisa Hill, with powers that foretell death who faces the disappearance of her brother. Dove is set to portray Lisa, with Beach playing Uncle Mick.

Written and directed by Loretta Todd, the film is an adaptation of a novel written by Eden Robinson of the same name published in 2000. The award-winning novel is described as “a spiritual mystery’ and “haunting coming of age story” by critics.

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The film is Todd’s debut feature and also stars Nathaniel Arcand, Stefany Mathias, Glen Gould, Joel Oulette, and Tina Marie Lameman. Set to be shot in the indigenous settlement of Kitamaat and Vancouver with Tom Rowe, Patti Poski Poskitt, Fred Fuchs, and Anne Wheeler on the project as executive producers.

Adam Beach is known for his portrayal of Slipknot in the Suicide Squad, as well as roles in Smoke Signals and Flags of Our Fathers.

Grace Dove starred in The Revenant and Netflix’s How It Ends alongside Theo James and Forest Whitaker.

Produced by Lisa Richardson, Paddy Bickerton, Matthew O’Connor, and Jason James. The films is a co-production between Mama-oo Pictures and Reunion Pacific Entertainment.

Have you read Monkey Beach? Are you excited about the film adaptation? Be sure to let your voice be heard in the comment section below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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