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Report: Henry Cavill May No Longer Play the Man of Steel

We know that there’s been a certain unrest with Warner Bros. as it pertains to their DC properties, especially after Justice League underperformed and was ill-received by both critics and fans.

Now, THR is reporting that Henry Cavill is out as Superman in a shock to many. According to some sources, Cavill who has played Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman in three films in the DCEU (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League), is “parting ways” with Warner Bros. However, no side has officially confirmed this news.

Apparently, Warner Bros. had been trying to enlist Cavill for a cameo appearance in Shazam! but due to scheduling conflicts, this was not possible and other potential Superman appearances for the actor are at a standstill.


Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel (Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Warner Bros. is more focused on its Supergirl origin film, which would make Kal-El an infant if they keep DC Comics lore consistent and as a second solo Superman film is not in the cards for the studio for several more years, according to another source, perhaps removing Cavill from the equation seems like a logical step for Warner Bros.

According to a studio source, “Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors.”

Another source believes that Warner Bros. is attempting to hit a “reset” button for the current DCEU or Worlds of DC as it’s now called, and want to steer their ship in a new direction.

Though while Cavill may be transitioning out and there are always the persistent rumours swirling around about Ben Affleck leaving his role as Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman, Warner Bros. seemingly has no plans to change the remaining cast seen in the Justice League film. Gal Gadot will reprise her role in Wonder Woman 1984, Jason Momoa is back as Aquaman in his first solo flick and Ezra Miller is still attached to The Flash solo film, which is slated to begin filming in early 2019.

However, if the report is true, we will definitely be sad to see Cavill go.

What do you think about the Henry Cavill no longer playing Superman? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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