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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ is the First Game to Use Marvel’s ‘Flipbook Logo’

For years, the “flipbook logo” for Marvel films has effectively acted as a seal of approval. A certain level of quality is expected of a movie when the iconic logo appears ahead of opening credits. Until recently, no video game has ever been fortunate enough to feature the flipbook logo. Evidently, Marvel knew Insomniac’s version of the webslinger was more than deserving of the honor.

Speaking with Fandom, Insomniac’s Community Director, James Stevenson, confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man is indeed the first time the flipbook logo has appeared in gaming. Stevenson told Fandom,

It’s the first time ever that a Marvel video game has been given permission to use that logo. When you see that Marvel flipbook, it’s like a seal of quality. That’s when you kind of get the chills and think, ‘this is a Marvel experience. This is a blockbuster experience.’

When we showed the game at E3 this year, the response we got from the Marvel guys was funny. The main person in New York who looks after all the video stuff for Marvel said, ‘I don’t even like video games, but that was f***ing awesome! I’m going to have to get a PS4 so I can play this.’ That was the first time we realised that even the people in Marvel were thinking, ‘wow, this is something special.’

Apparently, despite Marvel’s showing signs of being impressed, the approval to use the iconic logo didn’t come until late in the game’s development. Stevenson continued,

But it wasn’t until right at the end that Marvel was like, ‘ok, the level of polish and presentation is good enough for our seal of approval.’ So I think they are happy with it. I’m sure not just Marvel Games, but Marvel as a whole are excited about our Spider-Man game. Hopefully they will get behind it in a big way.

Marvel’s confidence in the product certainly wasn’t misguided. Review scores and the response from fans has been nothing short of positive where Marvel’s Spider-Man is concerned.

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Source via Gamingbolt

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