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‘Annabelle 3’ Director Teases New Story Details

With the recent release of The Nun, The Conjuring’s expansive universe is currently on everyone’s mind. Thankfully, the wait for another entry in the series won’t be long; Annabelle 3 hits theaters in summer 2019. Annabelle 3’s writer and director, Gary Dauberman, has shared new information about the doll’s third solo outing.

In an interview with Slash Film, Dauberman said the upcoming film brings Annabelle back to where audiences first met her–the Warren’s household.

[Annabelle 3 is] going to go before cameras mid-October so I’m deep in prep on that now. We’re bringing the franchise back home after being so far away in Romania. It’s set in the Warrens’ house. It’s what happens when Annabelle comes into the artifact room. Much like Swamp Thing, what happens when Annabelle comes into the artifact room and how she affects her environment.

Based on Dauberman’s words alone, it seems Annabelle 3, like its two predecessors, takes place before the events of the first Conjuring. However, it could very well be set during The Conjuring, while the Warrens are away from home. Regardless of the timeline, this new look into Annabelle’s antics is sure offer an interesting tale.

Annabelle 3 marks Dauberman’s directorial debut. The prolific writer is no stranger to the series, though. He penned both Annabelle films and wrote the screenplay for The Nun. Interestingly, Dauberman’s credits also include It, It: Chapter Two, and the forthcoming Swamp Thing series for the DC Universe streaming service.

Warner Bros.has Annabelle 3 slated to open in theaters on July 3, 2019.

Source via ScreenRant

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