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Second Season of ‘Iron Fist’ Gets Highest Sophmore Bump on Rotten Tomatoes

The first season of Netflix’s Iron Fist was met with lackluster enthusiasm from fans and critics alike, only garnering a 19% on popular review site Rotten Tomatoes, making it the second lowest Marvel production behind Marvel’s Inhumans and whopping 12%.

The second season of the Marvel Netflix series has done a lot better.


The season two rating currently sits at 52%, earning the site’s highest ever sophomore bump. Other shows have seen a large bump in ratings between their premiere and sophomore seasons, though they’re usually from high numbers to even higher ones like Breaking Bad going from 81% to 100% and Hannibal going from 72% to 100%.

Washington Post reviewer David Betancourt said that season two was “markedly better” than its predecessor and especially praised the supporting cast, while AV Club’s Danette Chavez argued that Iron Fist’s “lead character doesn’t deserve top billing, and maybe never will.”

Have you seen either season of Iron Fist – did you enjoy them or do you think the reviews are fair? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!

Both season one and season two of Iron Fist can currently be streamed on Netflix.


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