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GoC Monthly Jams: August

All of us at the Geeks of Color love music.  We love sharing our musical tastes with each other, but now we want to share them with you. Each month we will offer a curated list of new or old artists that you should check out. Here is a list of artists and songs that the GoC team have been jamming to throughout August. The new school year is about to start up for some of you, make sure to add these awesome artists to your back-to-school playlists.

1. Lizzo

LizzoSince her 2015 album Big GRRRL Small World fans of Lizzo have been anxiously waiting for more music from her. In the past few years, we’ve got a creative and refreshing EP—as well as some great singles.  Lizzo‘s bass-heavy beats and witty empowering lyrics make her well worth listening to.  Her sassy rap is comparable to that of the great Missy Elliot. The versatile rapper also sings on many of her own tracks. Her powerful yet smooth vocals make her a multi-genre artist that any fan of hip-hop would enjoy. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]

2. TV Girl

a1459431106_10TV Girl is the indie-pop trio of your dreams. They are based out of Los Angeles and have been giving us alluring hypnotic pop music since 2011.  If you are a fan of indie-pop you will love TV Girl’s soothing synths, bedroom pop vocals and lyrics.  If you haven’t listened to much indie-pop, TV Girl is a great place to start. TV Girl is a band that manages to represent the genre very well while staying unique with their experimental 60’s sound. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]

3. Joji

tumblr_oyv09wg1n91wqneoyo5_1280Did you know that George Miller, Japanese-Australian personality behind the YouTube character Filthy Frank, makes music now? Yes, like serious music, under the artist name Joji.  His trip-hop style fuses trap with R&B, which is extremely popular in the music world right now. This refined low-fi style has built him a pretty decent cult following in the past year.  If you know George Miller as Filthy Frank, definitely don’t expect Joji’s music to be anything like the past crude character. If anything, his music is the opposite; chill, romantic and honest. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]

4. Noname

NonameUp-and-coming rapper and poet, Noname, has made a come up in the indie hip-hop and R&B scene this year.  The Chicago bred artists soulful samples and calm sing-songy vocals coupled with beautifully written lyrics make her a great artist to put on at a kickback or even a date night. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]

5. H.E.R.

DQKC4QLHBZCBZAGBGFKOWNTFJUH.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) is an anonymous contemporary R&B artist who released her first EP in 2016.  The EP was boosted by Alicia Keys and Bryson Tiller on social media. This helped H.E.R. gain the steadily rising following she now has.  If you find yourself in your feelings, H.E.R. is a great artist to listen to. Her lyrics about heartbreak and relationships will have you singing along and working out all of your own romantic problems along with her. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]

6. No Vacation

15894279_1157078314339788_7859021622662120659_n__1_No Vacation is an indie rock/pop group that formed back in 2015, then after a hiatus re-formed recently in 2017.  They perfectly mix bedroom pop and old-school surf rock, creating an extremely nostalgic sound.  They are the perfect band to jam to as we transition from summer to fall; their 60’s beach sound couples perfectly with the small bit of summer we have left, while their 80’s inspired soft synth-pop is a great mood for the upcoming Fall. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]

7. Saweetie

71399California raised, and USC graduate Diamonte Harper is the talented woman behind Saweetie. She brings a fresh West Coast vibe and nostalgic nineties rhyme to her lyrics and beats like no other.  She recently released her debut EP High Maintenance, which includes her viral hit “ICY GRL”. Her new EP can turn your mood around and have you feeling yourself even at the end of a bad day. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]

8. Aminé

C0eam5OVEAQfV1oI’m sure by now most of you have heard of the alt-hip hop artist Aminé, because of his hits “Caroline” and “Spice Girl”. While those songs are absolutely bops, we have been jamming to his newest album ONEPOINTFIVE this month. If you aren’t familiar with him as an artist, you may know Aminé for his fun beats, sounds and his witty lyrics. If you’re a fan of his hit songs, definitely give his other music a listen, because his artistry is more versatile than just his Billboard Hot 100 charting songs make him out to be. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]


JuzA6Lvmn8ENew York based R&B duo LION BABE (Jillian Hervey & Lucas Goodman) really should be on your musical radar, if they aren’t already. At a time when contemporary R&B is extremely popular, LION BABE brings a unique retro sound to the genre.  LION BABE formed in 2012, releasing their first music on Soundcloud. Since then they have come a long way, and have collaborated with big name artists like Disclosure and Childish Gambino a.k.a Donald Glover. If Childish Gambino likes them, odds are you will too. [Links: Spotify. iTunes. Tidal.]

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