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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Photo Mode Shown Off in New Trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man hits store shelves in less than a week and developer Insomniac Games insists on building the hype to astronomical levels. In the most recent trailer released by the studio, the game’s photo mode is shown off in its full glory.

Check it out below:


Photo mode has become increasingly popular during this console generation. While Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War raised the bar in terms of the myriad options offered in photo mode, Spider-Man is looking to take the crown. In addition to the typical camera options, players will also be able to add emojis. Another interesting portion of the trailer shows that creating comic book covers is an option. To call this impressive would be an understatement.

The photo mode won’t be on the disc at launch. Therefore, a free day one patch will add it in. God of War’s photo mode wasn’t ready on release day either, but did not launch until several weeks later.

Marvel’s Spider-Man arrives on PlayStation 4 on September 7.

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