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Insomniac Games Confirms Length of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

Marvel's Spider-Man Courtesy of Marvel Games and SIE

Recently, reports surfaced that suggested Marvel’s Spider-Man would take players approximately 20 hours to complete. During a Twitter exchange with fans, Insomniac Games’ Community Director, James Stevenson, confirmed the news.

Marvel's Spider-Man Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment
Marvel’s Spider-Man (Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment)

When asked by a fan if he was able to reveal the length of the full game, Stevenson responded with the following tweet:

Based on Stevenson’s referencing the time for “average” play testers, it stands to reason that 20 hours is roughly how long it’ll take to finish the game’s main story. Factor in side quests, extra activities, and collectibles and there’s no telling how much time players can realistically sink into Marvel’s Spider-Man before finishing all of the content.

Thankfully, the wait to determine the game’s length for ourselves is nearly at an end. Marvel’s Spider-Man swings on to the PlayStation 4 on September 7.

Source: GameSpot

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