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Ludi Lin Joins Chinese Adaptation of U.K. Series ‘Humans’

Chinese-Canadian actor, Ludi Lin has been cast in a Chinese adaptation of U.K. television series Humans. The U.K. television series, itself was an adaptation of the original Swedish series “Real Humans,” produced by Sveriges Television and Matador which aired from 2012 – 2014.

The new production is a product of a partnership between Endemol Shine China, Chinese production house, Croton Media, Kudos (British Television Production Company) and Sweden Matador Film. The cast includes actors Ray Ma (aka Ma Tianyu) and Stephy Qi (aka Qi Wei) with production taking place in Shanghai.



Humans is set in the year 2035, the series explores a society in which “technology, in particular, artificial intelligence has infiltrated and influenced every aspect of daily existence”. Extremely timely, the series will maintain “the sinister and emotional narrative” etched in the U.K. series as well as explore the complexities of the relationship humans have with technology.

While discussing the series, William Tan, MD of Endemol Shine China stated:

Humans marks our first scripted formats partnership deal with a local partner in China and having enlisted both U.K. and Chinese writers it’s truly a collaborative venture. Sci-fi drama is an underrepresented genre across the (Asia) region and we really believe that this new take will set a new trend and that Endemol Shine China will continue to be the leader in creativity and innovation, making unique offerings to the market.”

Having starred in the Netflix series Marco Polo and the hit Chinese fantasy/sci-fi film Monster Hunt, Lin will make an appearance in the upcoming Warner Bros. film, Aquaman starring Jason Momoa.

Source: Variety


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