‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Coming to Hulu

Our favorite female detective is back, and no, it’s not Nancy Drew.  The cult favorite mystery series Veronica Mars is coming to Hulu in a surprise revival.

Not many details have been released yet, but the revival will include original series creator Rob Thomas and the actress who played Veronica herself Kristen Bell.  Apparently, this revival has been in the works for months with Hulu, and despite Bells’ commitments to NBC’s hilarious sitcom The Good Place, it is reported that the revival will take place with her.

Photo via Hollywood Reporter

And that’s really all that is currently known.  There are no details on what the revival will be about, how many episodes will take place, who else will star in it.  Of course, we’re certain that just means more information will be released as time gets closer.

This is exciting news for fans of the original series since there had been a petition to create a Veronica Mars movie but that did not pan out.

Have you seen the original Veronica Mars?  Are you excited for this revival and what do you hope will happen?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Edit: A Veronica Mars movie was created due to fan petitions and fundraising through a kickstarter.  The production quickly received funding for production, and a limited screening and video on demand was released in 2014.


1 comment on “‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Coming to Hulu

  1. I thought the original VM show started off great and just sort of slid from there. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope for some great writing.


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