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Ron Cephas Jones to Appear in ‘Venom’

Ron Cephas Jones is set to star in Venom. Jones is no stranger to the superhero world, nor the Marvel universe. He currently stars as Bobby Fish in the second season of Luke Cage.  

The two time Emmy nominated actor is currently starring in Dog Days, alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Nina Dobrev, and he will soon be seen in the Netflix feature Dolemite Is My Name! which is described as a biographical dramedy starring Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes.

Details are yet to be announced as to the character Jones will portray. In relation to the story the director hopes to tell, Ruben Fleisher has stated:

“Our movie wants to honor the comics as close as we can tonally…in the comics, he bites people’s heads off and eats brains. It would be weird to make a movie with Venom if he wasn’t doing that. We tried to honor it as closely as possible. This is definitely a darker, more violent, more vicious Marvel character than I think anyone’s ever seen before.”

Check out the latest trailer below:


Who do you think Ron Cephas Jones will be playing in Venom? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the cast also includes Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Woody Harrelson, Reid Scott, and Scott Haze.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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