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Michael Pena to Play Dora’s Father in Live-Action ‘Dora the Explorer’

Believe it or not, Paramount is putting all cards on the table for their live-action adaptation of Dora The Explorer. The iconic Nickelodeon cartoon is receiving an all-star treatment from the studio and the final product may just surprise doubters. Earlier in the week, the news broke that Eva Longoria was cast as Dora’s mother.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has brought the confirmation on who will be beside Longoria as Dora’s father. The star power for Dora The Explorer just keeps on rising for the dynamic Michael Pena has been cast in the role.

Via The Chicago Tribune

Almost everyone has seen Pena in a hit at this point. Besides his standout roll in the Ant-Man films- many know him from End of Watch, Cesar Chavez, and Fury. Seeing him and Longoria as Dora’s parents should be a fun time considering this interpretation of the characters will set them as ace explorers. They raised Dora to the best of their extreme abilities, but even this is not enough to prepare her for High School. The main story will set Dora on an adventure to not only find herself in this new chapter of her life but to also search for her parents when they disappear in connection to a lost Inca civilization.

The movie already sounds like a lot to take in for people who grew up with the original cartoon. Boots and Deigo will, of course, be featured in the film alongside a new group of exuberant teens. Isabela Moner (Sicario: Day of the Soldado) will star in the title role. James Bobin (The Muppets) is directing and the production is currently shooting in  Queensland, Australia.

Everything about this live-action Dora the Explorer adaptation is sounding a lot better than anyone thought it would be. With a great cast, crew, and iconic characters at hand one should not be surprised if this turns out to be a hit.

Are you excited to see Pena and Longoria play Dora’s adventurous parents? Let us know on our social media and stay tuned for all updates on Dora the Explorer!

Source: THR

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