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JuJu Chan & Mark Dacascos Join Cast of Netflix’s ‘Wu Assassins’

We’re getting more and more information about Netflix’s upcoming series’ Wu Assassins, and it has just been announced that two new actors have joined the cast: Mark Dacascos and JuJu Chan.

Nicknamed the “Female Bruce Lee” by fans, Chan is best known for her roles in Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny while during Dacascos’ over 30-year career includes memorable roles in Drive, and Hawaii Five-O and he is the current Chairman on Iron Chef America. 

Chan will play lieutenant Zan who is an elite martial artist and serves as the bodyguard and sole confidant of Uncle Six while Dacascos will play a currently unnamed monk with immense power to take down any maleficent force that tries to attack him.

Previously announced cast members include Lewis Tan as Triad car theft ringleader Lu Xin Lee, Katheryn Winnick as undercover cop Christine C.G. Gavin, Byron Mann as Uncle Six, and Iko Uwais as main character Kai Jin, the latest and last Wu Assassin. The series does not currently have an expected release date.

Are you getting more excited for Wu Assassins? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Production on Wu Assassins is set to start this month.

Source: Deadline

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