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Find Love and Inclusion in Kitfox’s ‘Boyfriend Dungeon’

Love is a battlefield, and Kitfox Games is ready to help you “level up your love” with their new game Boyfriend Dungeon.

As if traversing through procedurally generated dungeons isn’t enough, Boyfriend Dungeon is rounding the bases by allowing players to date their weapons! As your relationship grows more war-worn, your bond deepens as you alternate between quests and dates, sharing stories and maiming foes in the pursuit of love.

Throughout playing Boyfriend Dungeon, players will be introduced to a diverse cast of romanceable characters, a feature which Kitfox games prides themselves on. Featured in today’s trailer is Sawyer, the game’s first non-binary character, who is a video-game-and-poetry-loving Glaive style weapon.


Of course, not all love needs to be romantic, and Boyfriend Dungeon has the perfect furball companion for those looking for platonic company. Pocket, a fierce kitty with the ability to transform into brass knuckles whenever dungeon crawling. Although Pocket seems to be a tad standoffish, Kitfox Games promises if you put in the effort, he might just paw into your lap.

A release date hasn’t been announced for Boyfriend Dungeon quite yet, however, their Kickstarter did launch today! If you’re interested, please be sure to head over there and see what all Boyfriend Dungeon has to offer, other than introducing you to the love of your life!

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