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Black Mask To Be Main Villain In DC’s ‘Birds of Prey’

Birds of Prey seems to be gathering steam in pre-production based on cast and crew updates. Warner Bros. is now creating a notorious reputation for having a bountiful of DC films in early development with no set dates in sight, but fans can rest assured that Birds of Prey is indeed happening very soon. Margot Robbie will reprise her role as Harley Quinn only to this time be leading a team featuring popular DC heroines Black Canary and Huntress. Robbie is playing a key role in getting this film on track for she is also producing behind the scenes.

Cathy Yan (Dead Pigs) is set to direct adding Birds of Prey to the list of comicbook films directed by women.  With a script penned by Christina Hodson (Bumblebee)- this comprised all the information that was made public thus far. The Wrap set to change that this week with the reveal of the film’s main antagonist. Batman fans will be pleased to hear that Harlee Quinn and her team will be facing off against Black Mask.


(Courtesy of DC Comics)

One of Gotham City’s most powerful criminal kingpins, Black Mask and his False Face Society have been a thorn in Batman’s side since his introduction to DC comics in 1985. What makes him different from the other mob bosses who have a personal vendetta against Wayne Enterprises and society? No one else has a fixation for masks like Roman Sionis does. Sionis is one of those rare mob bosses who managed to elevate his empire due to the creation of a villainous face. His black skull masks make way for a way more intimidating villain in the DC rogues gallery.

The plot of Birds of Prey is still being kept under wraps, but knowing that Black Mask will be the main foe can sure give fans certain ideas. Utilizing Black Mask well in the film could be a nice change of pace for DC for they have recently shown us a lot of super powerful antagonists. Cathy Yan shook Sundance this year with the award-winning Dead Pigs, who knows what crazy ideas she has for bringing Black Mask first to the big screen.

How excited are you to see Black Mask face off against some of DC’s strongest heroines in Birds of Prey? How can anyone not be excited for a superhero movie written and directed by up and coming female talent?  Let us know your thoughts on our social media and stay tuned for updates on DC’s film releases!

Source: The Wrap

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  1. I’m a little puzzled about why Quinn would be leading a team of superheroines – especially since the Birds of Prey were originally guided by Batgirl after Joker paralyzed her.

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