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Sonoya Mizuno To Lead New Alex Garland Series At FX

One should definitely know who Alex Garland is by now. The writer/director behind Ex Machina blew up his name across the industry with the release of Annihilation this year. Many also credit him as the true creative force behind the fan-favored 2011 Dredd reboot. His new series Devs has just been picked up for an eight-episode limited order at FX. The series will follow a young keen computer engineer who believes the high ranking tech company she works for is actually responsible for the murder of her boyfriend. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed who will lead the show- Crazy Rich Asians star Sonoya Mizuno.


Mizuno via Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Mizuno will play Lily Chan in the series, which makes Devs one of the few programs on television featuring a female Asian lead. Mizuno also previously worked with Garland on Ex Machina. THR has also revealed that Nick Offerman, famously known for his role on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, will be facing off against Mizuno. Offerman will be playing the CEO of the San Francisco based tech company Mizuno works for. It should be exciting seeing these two bold actors fighting for screen dominance.

The leader of the FX network, John Landgraf, released a public statement providing his excitement for the limited series.

After reading all eight scripts and hearing Alex’s brilliant vision and commitment to direct all of the episodes, it was an easy decision to order Devs to series. Alex is a visionary artist who with his partners has put together a stellar cast.

How excited are you to see Devs? Reading the synopsis and knowing Garland’s previous work- the show is bound to mix the genres of mystery and sci-fi together. Seeing a female person of color lead such a program should not be taken for granted. Let us know if you will be tuning in to Devs on our social media and stay tuned for all updates on the limited series!

Source: THR

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