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FX CEO Says Marvel Cancelled Donald Glover’s Animated Deadpool Show

Last spring, Marvel Televison and FX announced plans to develop a Deadpool animated series with Donald and Stephen Glover at the helm. At the time, Jeph Loeb, Chief of Marvel Television, called the union a “perfect fit” for the character. Months went by without any official word on the happenings behind the scenes. However, bad news hit earlier this year when FX announced the series’ cancellation. Creative differences were the offered explanation. FX CEO, John Landgraf, has recently elaborated on the matter.

At the Television Critic’s Association press tour, Landgraf was asked if FX would possibly consider revisiting the animated series. According to Variety, he responded,

No. I think that Marvel will revive it, because they have the rights. They own the IP and they have the rights to do an animated adult series based on any of the X-Men characters, and based on Deadpool specifically. They didn’t want to do the show that Donald and Stephen [Glover] wrote. We would have done show that Donald and Stephen wrote, but it wasn’t our decision. When Marvel decided not to do that show, we parted company with them as did Donald and Stephen. Now it’s totally up to them [Marvel] whether they hire someone else to do a different show.

Based on Landgraf’s words, it seems the creative differences were between the Glovers and Marvel, while FX appears to have been on board for the project’s continuation. It’s a shame we may not see fruits of the creative team’s labor. Shortly after the cancellation announcement, Donald Glover posted a few pages from one of the episodes on Twitter. Soon thereafter, he deleted the pages from his account.

Deadpool in Ultimate Spider-Man Courtesy of Walt Disney Co.

Deadpool in Ultimate Spider-Man Courtesy of Walt Disney Co.

Here’s to hoping Marvel does indeed revive the series. Who doesn’t want to see a mature animated series with the Merc With a Mouth in the leading role?

Source via Heroic Hollywood

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