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‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Is A Moustache Worth All The Trouble – Review

After a year and a half full of hard work, the moustache gate, and a broken ankle, Mission: Impossible – Fallout has premiered in most theatres around the world and it’s easy to say it was worth the wait and all the “drama” surrounding this film.

In Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) must save the world once more, this time from nuclear destruction and chaos. However, due to his past behaviour and risky way of doing things, the CIA has decided to join the mix, sending August Walker (Henry Cavill) to keep an eye on Hunt and make sure things happen according to the CIA’s wishes.


Angela Bassett and Henry Cavill for MI6


As the sixth installment of the franchise, one could say we’ve “seen it all”, but Christopher McQuarrie manages to not only keep things fresh story wise and the audience engaged but the stunts – one of Mission Impossible‘s greatest trademarks – still leave us with our mouths open in surprise and excitement.

This film takes the stunts to the next level, with jumping out of an airplane, flying a helicopter in a chase sequence, and literally almost everything we’ve seen in trailers. Both McQuarrie and Cruise took a risk by doing all of these stunts, but it paid off in such a neat and amazing way. One must clap their hands at the great job they’ve done with Fallout.

One of the greatest things about Fallout is that it brings back a lot of things mentioned and done in past films and makes them relevant to the plot, being aware of things that happened in the past and acknowledging them. But the greatest thing? Even with all of that reminiscing of the past, one can still enjoy the film even if they haven’t seen any or all of the franchise films.



Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise in MI6


Everyone does an amazing job in their portrayal of their character but it is the new additions to the franchise that steal the show. Angela Bassett as Erica Sloane, the new Director of the CIA, not only shines every time she’s on screen but also manages to make an impression even if her screen time is not as much as other members of the cast. Henry Cavill as August Walker is just… worth every moustache joke ever made. It is in this film where you confirm once and for all how much potential Henry Cavill has as an actor and what great performances he can give us in upcoming films, as he has not been used to his full potential as of yet.

It’s easy to say this might be the best film of the Mission Impossible franchise out there –yes, including Ghost Protocol – as it’s full of amazing stunts and more than one moment when you’re at the edge of your seat biting your nails, with your heart at 1000 miles per hour waiting to see what happens next. It has an interesting plot and great performances and is a film that never loses its rhythm or let’s the audience attention slip away.

Christopher McQuarrie has done an amazing job once more with Mission: Impossible – Fallout and even if nothing is confirmed, it’s intriguing to think what might happen next if there’s a sequel and if he’ll be back one more time.

Be sure to check out Mission: Impossible – Fallout, now at every theatre near you! Believe me, you’ll be cheering for August Walker from the minute he walks on screen.



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