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6 Characters We Want to See in a Live-Action Titans/Young Justice Movie

What a great time for Titans fans! Fans were recently gifted with a first-look trailer for the first live-action iteration, Titans for DC’s new streaming service DC Universe. The show is a darker, grittier take on our precious heroes, with Cyborg noticeably missing (Beast Boy cannot be without his best buddy)! However, the iconic duo will be seen together in the animated feature Teen Titans Go! To The Movies in theatres today! Check out our review here. As for the comics, there is the new Teen Titans Special, spinning off from the events of No Justice. The Titans is a hot topic right now, and for better or worse, there is a passionate fandom that hungers for more.

Which leads us to this week’s fancast. We are going to take a look at 6 characters that could potentially feature in a Titans live-action film for The Worlds of DC (these characters can also easily slip into a live-action Young Justice film, as there is an energetic fanbase for the animated series). It is unclear when Chris McKay’s Nightwing will be cast, and if Ray Fisher’s Cyborg will move from the Justice League to the Titans. So, this roster will not include the more popular line-up. The roster for the Titans is never the same, so let’s envision who should get a chance to shine on the big screen.

Many thanks to our kick-ass graphic designer, Elena, for these graphics. So without further ado, Titans GO!

Avan Jogia as Tim Drake

No Titans team is complete without a Robin. Being Batman’s sidekick instills the qualities and skills necessary to head a crime-fighting team. A Robin heading up a Titans team is a must. Dick Grayson will be seen on the DC Universe’s Titans, and the hunt for the cinematic Grayson has not begun for Nightwing. Dick may be a tad busy for Warner Bros. so I propose focusing the spotlight on Tim Drake, a.k.a. Red Robin. One of the founding members of Young Justice and eventual leader of the Teen Titans. He is the smartest of the Robins, often demonstrating Sherlock Holmes type gifts. His intellect makes up for what he lacks in physical skills. It would be fun to be introduced to a different type of Robin. My first pick for the role is actor Avan Jogia. He can do tense and brooding, which will help him fit perfectly into the Bat family, but he is also wildly versatile. Many Jogia fans have waited for a big break for the actor.

Elena Kampouris as Cassandra Sandsmark

After waiting nearly 75 years for Wonder Woman to have her own film, many fans are eager to have Diana’s world expand. Cassandra Sandsmark has been growing in popularity thanks to the Young Justice animated series and she has had a home with both the Teen Titans and Young Justice. Her origin has been reworked, but Cassie is related to Diana thanks to Zeus’ philandering ways, and she has a fascinating and complicated relationship with the Greek Gods. This would offer up some great stories in any future iterations. I would love to see Elena Kampouris assume the role. She is an up-and-coming actress that has demonstrated incredible range. The young American actress is of Greek descent, which is an added bonus for a character closely tied to Greek mythology.

Algee Smith as Jackson Hyde/Kaldur

There are two versions of Aqualad, and both are awesome and badass and should be adapted to live-action as soon as possible. He is closely associated with the Young Justice animated series, where he has a completely different origin story than his comic counterpart. Regardless of which version of Aqualad we get, I hope to see Algee Smith take on the role. A fabulous actor from Detroit, he is extremely talented and charismatic. Smith is perfect to play the down-to-earth, soft-spoken, and thoughtful Kaldur. He will also totally rock the blonde look if that is what they go for. 

*If we are talking Garth’s Aqualad, I would love to see Riverdale’s KJ Apa play that role.

Yindra Zayas as Karen Beecher

Bumblebee is one of the smartest characters in the DC Universe and was one of the first Black superheroines to appear in the pages of a DC Comic. Karen has largely been underutilized, but her younger version has been relatively popular in the Teen Titans and DC’s Super Hero Girls. I believe a fresh face should take on the role and potentially make Bumblebee one of the most iconic Black superheroines in the DC Universe. Afro-Cuban actress Yindra Zayas doesn’t have many credits to her name, but she is a bright and charismatic actress with great potential. We need some more Black Girl Magic in The Worlds of DC!

Cameron Monaghan as Roy Harper

Roy Harper, like many heroes, has a dark story. The darkness of his past seems to follow him everywhere, making him one of the more troubled superhero sidekicks. For some time he went by the name Speedy, and then moved on to Arsenal and the Red Arrow. Each new name reflected where Roy Harper is as a character. A character like Harper would make for a great foil for whichever Robin heads up the team. He is one of the staples of the Titans and had been a leader for a brief stint. For a role like this, I require a nuanced actor and I cannot think of anyone better than Cameron Monaghan. He is by far one of the most talented actors working today. His work as Ian on Shameless — which has gone unnoticed by awards shows — is proof that he is more than capable of a complex, nuanced, and badass Roy Harper.

Annalise Basso as Miss Martian

Starfire is conceivably the most iconic alien on the Titans roster, but with her appearance on Titans, it seems unlikely that we will be seeing Starfire on the big screen anytime soon. Just as there cannot be a Titans team without a Robin, I believe an alien from another planet is a must. While Miss Martian was made popular by the Young Justice animated show, she made her first appearance as a Teen Titan. Miss Martian is a bubbly, caring, and sweet alien, and I believe Annalise Basso is all of that and so much more. 

That’s it. These are the six characters I would love to see featured in a Titans live-action film. They all have unique qualities and skills that earn them a spot on the team, and together they have the potential to be as iconic as Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy. You can catch up with them in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies in theatres now, and Titans (sans Cyborg) which has yet to be given an official release date.

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