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Robert De Niro in Talks to Join Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Joker’ Movie

Robert De Niro is in talks to star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in Warner Bros. upcoming Joker film. Yet to be titled, the film will be directed by The Hangover director Todd Phillips, who co-wrote the script with Scott Silver (8 Mile, The Fighter). The film is said to be set in the early 1980s and it will explore the events that led to the Joker becoming one of Gotham City’s most fearsome criminal masterminds.

The film has already distinguished itself in relation to what is considered the traditional budget of a comic film, with a budget in the range of $55 million. The depiction of the beloved DC villain will exist outside the current DC Extended Universe and will thus be a standalone film. Although details are yet to be announced, the film is set to tonally mirror a dark “gritty crime drama”.

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Robert De Niro (image via THR)

A legend and Oscar winner, De Niro’s body of work expands across fantasy, crime, drama, thriller, fantasy and even comedy, with films such as StardustThe Godfather: Part 2, Goodfellas, Everybody’s Fine, Silver Linings Playbook and The Intern.

The role De Niro may undertake is that of a talk show host who plays a significant role in the origin and maddening of the character who becomes the Joker. Although a crucial part of Gotham and Batman, little is known about the man since his first appearance in Batman #1 in 1940.

Let us know your thoughts on the possible casting? Are you excited to see a Joker origin story? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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