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‘Steven Universe: The Movie’ is Coming to Cartoon Network #SDCC2018

This past weekend, Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar gave fans one last gem before concluding their panel at San Deigo Comic Con. Hardly giving us time to recover from the emotional revelations and developments from the most recent StevenBomb, Sugar announced that the series will be receiving a feature-length story which will air on Cartoon Network in the near future.

As of now little is known about what the plot of this new adventure will entail. However, the announcement was brought to us alongside a teaser trailer which may provide some valuable hints to hardcore fans. The trailer features a rotating heart-shaped gemstone enclosing the alarmed faces of the Crystal Gems, before finally revealing the silhouette of a never before seen character accompanied by a mischievous snicker.

That wasn’t the only Steven Universe gift bestowed upon us during SDCC weekend. Available now on the Cartoon Network app is an entirely new episode of Steven Universe! The new episode continues immediately after the latest StevenBomb and brings with it a long-anticipated reveal.

What do you think of all of this Steven Universe news? Be sure to reach out to us on Twitter and leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

Source: Gizmodo

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