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Numan Acar Joins the Cast of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

Spider-Man’s second outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is shaping up to feature a stellar cast. Spider-Man: Far From Home will bring back a majority of the main cast from Homecoming, only this time joined by newcomers Jake Gyllenhaal and J.B. Smoove. These new additions already make for a potentially worthy sequel, but Deadline has just revealed another superb addition to the cast. The site is reporting that Turkish actor Numan Acar has joined Far From Home in a secret role.


Acar via DPA Picture Alliance

Some might recognize Acar from his most recent film 12 Strong. He is also well known for his reoccurring roles on two of television’s best political thrillers, Prison Break and Homeland. Far From Home‘s connections to the MCU make this Acar’s second recent Disney tied project for he can also be seen in the live-action Aladdin remake next year. The upcoming months leading up to these two huge projects will clearly prove to boost Acar’s career to a new level.

The only thing that was revealed about Acar’s secretive role was his name- Dimitri. Many are speculating that this could be the notorious Spider-Man villain Chameleon for this character’s real name is Dmitri Smerdyakov. The MCU has been slowly planting seeds for a live-action representation of the all Spider-villain team- the Sinister Six, so this theory is not that far-fetched. Only time and patience will reveal the true nature of Acar’s mystery role.

Once again directed by Jon Watts, Far From Home is set to release next year on July 5th. How excited are you to see Acar in the film and do you believe that he is playing a villainous role? Let us know on our social media and make sure to stay tuned for all updates on Spider-Man’s next chapter in the MCU!

Source: Deadline

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