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DC Universe Pricing and Plans Unveiled

Pricing and plans for DC Comic’s highly anticipated streaming service, DC Universe, have finally been revealed. The platform is launching this fall, and it will cost fans $74.99 annually, or $7.99 monthly. The service will include original content, classic films and shows, comics, and much more. DC and Warner Bros. announced that pre-orders for DC Universe have opened at, and all fans who pre-order will receive an additional three months at no cost.

DC Universe will be available via Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, as well as mobile and web. As of right now, no original comic book content is in the works for the service, but chief creative officer Jim Lee said discussions have been taking place.

Craig Hunegs, president of Warner Bros. Digital Networks and president of business and strategy at Warner Bros. Television told Heat Vision:

“We always wanted this to be the place where all of DC lives. This is intended to be a hub for the DC experience. We’ll always have theatrical releases, but I think increasingly, you’ll see the television series produced for DC exclusively living on DCU; I think the comic books, not to exclude all the partners we have, will become a large part of the experience.”

Hunegs said he found himself reading comics again due to the accessibility of the platform, and he hopes fans will do the same.

“I’ve got the beta at home now, [and] I find that when I turn to it at night now, I read comic books. I read them with my girlfriend, I read them with my kids. That’s what we do. It’s a completely different kind of comic book experience,” he said. “My kids are discovering comic books for the first time, but for me, it’s deeply nostalgic. It’s fantastic. Even now, when I’m getting back into comic books, I’m not reading them on my tablet — occasionally I do, if I’m waiting somewhere — but mostly what I do is that I read them on my television screen on home. It’s very social.”

The project is extremely ambitious, but DC and Warner Bros. are confident it will become a part of fans’ everyday lives.

“I believe that we’re creating something that will be a daily experience for people,” he said. “This is a win if this is so engaging that people come to it every day. We’re going to have new series at least once a week, a new episode at least once a week, and we’re going to have new short form, scripted, non-scripted, behind the scenes content every day of the week. The comic book catalog will be updated regularly, the encyclopedia will be updated. There’s going to be tons of new content every day.”

Watch the trailer for DC Universe below:

Source: THR

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