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Jeremy Renner to Star Alongside Jamie Foxx in Blumhouse’s Film Adaptation of ‘Spawn’

Oscar-nominated actor, Jeremy Renner is set to star alongside Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained, The Amazing Spiderman 2) in Blumhouse’s reimagining of Spawn.

The movie will be the second reimagining of the comic book, with the original 1997 film having starred Michael Jai White. The film is an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name created by Todd McFarlane, who will also be making his directorial debut with the feature.

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Spawn (Image via Polygon)

Foxx’s anti-hero finds an unlikely partner in Detective “Twitch” Williams (Renner), which can only make for an electrifying on-screen thrill.

Spawn follows a betrayed and murdered black-ops agent (Foxx) sent to hell for his crimes against innocents, who then trades his inner humanity to become a Hellspawn warrior so that he may once again be reunited with his wife. However, when he returns to the land of the living in his new form, he finds that his wife and best friend have moved on together and channels his unbridled rage towards street gangs and ruffians.

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Production on the film is looking to begin this fall.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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