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GOC Comic Reviews: ‘Man of Steel #6’

Man-of-Steel-6-Cover.jpgWriter: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Jason Fabok
Colour Artist: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Josh Reed

It’s not easy to wrap up a story that had many things going on, and while some things remain unclear, they seem like they’ll be explored in Action Comics and the Superman run, others were finally explained and shed some light over them.

Jon and Lois are on an intergalactic journey with Jor-El so he can teach Jon everything he needs to know to keep the Kryptonian race alive and become the heir of the house of El he can be, full of potential and opportunities. Knowing Jon can’t be stopped from going, Lois decides to go with him, but Clark can’t leave Earth, his job and Superman’s responsibilities held him back, so Lois and Jon go without him, leaving behind an empty apartment and a broken heart.

Rogol Zaar is defeated… ish, as he was just trapped in the Phantom Zone, not knowing what else to do and to pay for his crimes against Krypton and the city of Kandor. We still don’t know why his existence was kept from the records, or how he destroyed Krypton, but that’s where Kara enters the picture, as she’s determined to learn the truth.

One of the plus points of this issue is the fact that not only does it set up arcs for the Man of Steel, but for his cousin as well. Kara, with her own solo run starting in August, has had a light on her in this last couple of issues but is in one of the final panels where we see a glimpse on the path she might take on her solo arc.

We also finally learn why Clark has the trunks back! And it’s because he gave his Rebirth suit to his wife as she took on her journey with Jor-El and Jon across the galaxy. That symbol means something in various parts of the galaxy and will ensure their safety for the most part. And the best part? It doesn’t seem forced or unnatural for it to be there.

However, the fire problem in Metropolis, the high tensions on the planet, and Jor-El’s true intentions remain unknown, with most of them promising really interesting stories ready to be told.

It may not be the greatest Superman issue in the story of the character, but sure Bendis’ plans are full of promises and ideas worth of taking the time to explore them. To many, it might seem wary where Bendis is taking the Kent/El family but I can’t deny it’s been really exciting to follow his run.

Hopefully, things will keep going in strong in the issues to come.

Here at GOC, we give Man of Steel #6 a 7 out of 10 suits to give away.


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