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GOC Comic Review: Catwoman #1

Catwoman #1

Story & art by: Joëlle Jones

Colors by: Laura Allred

Published by: DC Comics (July 4, 2018)


Catwoman #1 cover art (Courtesy of DC Comics, art by Joëlle Jones)

Selina Kyle is back in a new solo series by Joëlle Jones. The events in this premiere issue,  follow the events of Batman #50 – you know, the highly anticipated BatCat wedding issue (which was unfortunately spoiled for some). However, in this new tale by Jones, we see just what Catwoman is dealing with as she tries her best to lay low.

*Please note: there are minor spoilers ahead if you have not read Batman #50.

Somewhere far from Gotham, with eyes on a sleepless Selina Kyle…

What does one do when they are nocturnal and what do they do when the nocturnal behaviour transitions to insomnia? Well, that is something that Miss Kyle can educate you on.  After the events of Batman #50, Selina is focused on herself as she tries to figure out just where she fits into the world at large. She’s made a sacrifice, probably the biggest she’s made in her life thus far and while she is attempting to come to terms with that, she is surrounded by the police as she’s leaving a friendly gambling game.


Page from Catwoman #1 (via CBR, art by Joëlle Jones for DC Comics)

In the midst of all this, we are introduced to the First Lady of Villa Hermosa, Raina. An ever busy woman (who even schedules her own husband in for a chat) and everything about Raina isn’t want it seems. The First Lady is most definitely hiding something from everyone and unfortunately for Selina, she may very well be the one who deals with the brunt of the burden that Raina is sure to cause.

However, before any of that can occur, Selina has to have some time to herself – despite how limited that may be. As much as she tries to hide it, Selina’s decision still pains her and near the book’s conclusion, she allows herself a moment to just let go. But then, it’s time to put on the catsuit once more and tackle her next enemy, but what you see is definitely not always what you get…


Page from Catwoman #1 (via CBR, art by Joëlle Jones for DC Comics)

GOC Review

Joëlle Jones tackles the tough subject of Selina Kyle in Catwoman #1. Not only does she have to deal with the aftermath of Batman #50, but we also have to deal with a new problem for Selina. In this first issue, Jones definitely creates an intriguing story. Selina is a character that many times is solely defined by her relationship with Bruce and while their stories are obviously very intertwined, Selina is her own separate entity. So, while some critics might say this story is ‘underwhelming’ in comparison to Batman #50, the two books are ones that need not be compared.

Catwoman #1 is meant to allow us into the mind of Selina Kyle, if only for a moment. Jones expertly crafts the back and forth on the pages, which create a dizzying effect – one that sums up the current state of Selina’s mind perfectly. Her decision against the wedding to Bruce is one that still haunts her; it was a sacrifice she did not see herself having to make and in this book, we see the ramifications of her choice.  Jones allows for Selina to have her moment of release, recalibrate and put on her new catsuit to find out what is going on around her. It is evident that someone is out to get her, but tracking the person down doesn’t seem like it will be an easy feat; even for someone with a skillset like Selina’s.

As always, Jones has beautiful artwork and while it is stunning, there is also a certain grittiness to it that completely captures what is going on in the story. The artwork coupled with the storyline make for quite the page turner and only leaves me excited for the next issue. If you’re a fan of Catwoman, this book is for you. It perfectly brings together all of Selina Kyle’s/Catwoman’s best attributes. As Catwoman would say, it’s “purrrfect”.

Catwoman #1 gets 4.5 whips out of 5!

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