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Live-Action Comic Book Couples Fancast

Ant-Man and The Wasp is the first modern-day comic book film to heavily focus on a superhero couple as joint leads. Romance in comic book movies is not unusual, and romances between heroes are a given. But we haven’t ever really had a superhero couple work together as partners and as leads of their own movie.

This had me thinking about other superhero/comic book couples who could have their due as joint leads in a feature film. Unfortunately, some of these couples can’t get the same title treatment. These couples are essential to their stories as they are better heroes and characters when they are together. It is about time we had superhero couples share the lead role, and not have one stand on the sidelines while the other saves the world.

Special thanks to Britany Murphy for these awesome graphics, may she find her very own Aquaman (Jason Momoa’s Aquaman) to love.

Let’s go!


John Krasinski & Annabelle Wallis as Reed Richards & Sue Storm

As I am writing this, Disney is in the battle of the century to acquire Fox’s entertainment division. What Disney has planned for 20th Century Fox is unclear, but one thing is for sure- Kevin Feige is gunning for the Fantastic Four characters. For too long these characters have been out of reach for Marvel Studios, but now they can get their beloved superhero family under the MCU. This means we will be getting a new Reed Richards and Sue Storm. The popular choice right now is the husband/wife duo John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. I definitely agree that the two could be excellent as Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, but Blunt is better suited for another character. Instead, I would nominate Annabelle Wallis for the role; she is absolutely right for the Invisible Woman. Wallis is a UK actress who is gradually growing in popularity stateside thanks to her performance in Peaky Blinders and her most recent Hollywood credits. She is due for her breakout role!


Charlie Hunnam & Katheryn Winnick as Oliver Queen & Dinah Laurel Lance

Yes, I know! This fancast has been done to death, but it cannot be denied just how perfect Charlie Hunnam and Katheryn Winnick are for Green Arrow and Black Canary. Instead of diving into why these actors are so right for the role, let’s focus on how awesome a Green Arrow & Black Canary movie would be–a billionaire playboy who masquerades as a modern-day Robin Hood, teaming up with one of the best fighters in the world to fight crime in Star City. The two of them are working hard to rid of the city of crime, all while trying to maintain a healthy relationship. Maybe we can get one of the John Wick directors to helm this. Aside, from being a great story, introducing them to the DCEU would expand the world and introduce more Justice League members as was promised at the end of the ill-fated Justice League.


Monica Raymund & Rachelle Lefevre as Renee Montoya & Kate Kane

Lately, there has been a ton of discussion about LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood, and the problem with queerbaiting. There are not that many comic book characters that are part of LGBTQ+ community, and many have been downplayed when adapted to live-action. It is just baffling that studios are cowards when it comes to this, but we all know that it is inevitable. The DCEU is still in flux, so it is unclear if they will ever get around to producing a Batwoman film. She is set to debut on the CW DC shows, and that may encourage the studio to bring her into the films. Batwoman a.k.a Katherine “Kate” Kane, is an openly gay woman and is most notably in a relationship with Renee Montoya. Rachelle Lefevre has always been a favourite of mine for this role, and I believe Monica Raymund is just perfect to star opposite Lefevre. A Batwoman film would be a massive step forward for LGBTQ+ representation. If it were to happen, it should definitely have Kate and Renee working together, and their relationship should be a primary focus.


Florence Kasumba & Aïssa Maïga as Ayo & Aneka

Black Panther was released only a few months ago and it is one of the most important films to be made in cinematic history. There is no need to get into why Black Panther is so important, and why its success is vital to the representation of Black people in Hollywood. There are many wonderful articles on that topic and we would be here all day discussing it. For all the good that it did, there was one thing that stuck out to some people: the minimizing of Florence Kasumba’s Ayo, and subsequent erasure of Ayo’s sexuality. In the World of Wakanda comics, Ayo is a lesbian and is in a relationship with fellow Dora Milage warrior, Aneka. I believe that Ayo, due to Kasumba’s amazing screen presence, should be featured front and center in a World of Wakanda adaptation. Aïssa Maïga is one of the most popular Black french actresses working today. She has had many critically acclaimed performances and has been an advocate for Black women in the filmmaking industry for many years. An actress like her is due for a massive breakout international hit, and American audiences need to know this incredible woman.


Sterling K. Brown & Yasmine Al Massri as Green Lantern & Hawkgirl

The Green Lantern & Hawkgirl relationship was made popular in the DC Animated Universe. The very serious African-American Green Lantern and a reincarnated winged woman from a distant planet is an odd pair. And made more strange with the fact that she is destined to be with Hawkman, her usual partner in DC comics. The couple was challenged and never really stood a chance, but it the relationship was a stroke of genius, and I hope could be adopted by the DCEU. Sterling K. Brown is a no-brainer for John Stewart, and Yasmine Al Massri is my top choice to play Shayera. How these two would end up starring in a film together is unclear, I just know that I want it to happen.

That is all for this fancast. There are a ton of great comic couples to choose from, and it was definitely hard to pick. Maybe we shall revisit this fancast another time. So comment below on what comic book couples you would like to see share the big screen, or reply at Geeks of Color on Twitter.

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