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Atari Delivers a Variety of Charming Games at #E3 #E32018

Atari is a classic household name in gaming with an expansive variety of games for people to enjoy. At one point or another, it’s likely that you’ve either played or at least seen an Atari game. If not, well, here’s a rundown of the games I got to see and try out at this past E3.

First up, RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures for the Switch. Now, I will preface that I personally have never played any of the RCT games; however, I have seen many people play them and I can completely see the appeal. After all, there have been quite a few iterations of that game that have been out for a while now, so there’s no doubt that this game is popular and enjoyed by a lot. And this iteration allows players to take that classic game onto the ever-popular Switch.

So with RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures, it comes in three game modes: adventure, scenario, and sandbox. It maintains the same classic premise as previous RCT games, especially RollerCoaser Tycoon Touch, of building up your own theme park and lay of the land. And it’s pretty cool that pretty much every aspect of the game from the rides to the landscape is made for the players to customize the way they want things to look and run. So, it seems like if you’ve played previous RCT games before, it should be easy to pick up. For someone like me, there would a bit of a learning curve, but it’s still enjoyable.

And what’s unique to this RCT version is that there are events that mix things up in the game. For example, there may be bears running rampant causing mischief and chaos in your park and then you gotta figure out how to fix that up. I actually found this event system a pretty interesting twist to the game that keeps it fresh. So for new and returning RCT fans, the game comes out later this year.

Next, I got to try out Atari Flashback Classics on the Nintendo Switch. Truth be told, nothing beats playing an arcade game on an actual upright arcade machine, but those are becoming few and far between. Still, the classics bring about a sense of nostalgia for players and Atari has made those games accessible for today’s day and age.

Personally, I played a lot of classic Atari games as a kid like Asteroid and Pong (Pong is the greatest game ever invented. Don’t @ me.). As simple as those games may be, they’re incredibly addictive to play with hardly any learning curve. Of course, playing it on an arcade machine means you get to use the joystick and press the buttons. On the Switch, that isn’t so much an option, but Atari does try to bring as much nostalgia to the touchscreen as possible. In fact, the menu screen will show you what the arcade machine and retro console looked like for each game. And like the retro machines, a lot of these games can be played with another person.

The AFC Classics does come with 150 games, including titles that have never been released before. It is likely that some of the other classic games you want just aren’t on here (please give me Galaga and Dig Dug), but it is a pretty impressive and extensive pack of games in one compilation. So, if this tickles your fancy, it comes out during fall of this year.

The next one was actually a mobile game called Night Driver. Confession, I love the neon, digital, synth aesthetic and if you do too, then just the graphics alone for this game will interest you. This game is free to play with some in-app purchases available, and it comes out at the end of the year.

So the premise of this game is pretty much an endless driving game. Like any racing game, you drive on a track, avoid obstacles, and drift through twists and turns. And you can customize the car you drive with all sorts of cosmetics or power-ups that make it easier for you to race. It is a single-player game so you can’t actually race against other real people. It’s a game that you can play for a bit of time just to do something mindless for a bit, but can easily become addictive.

Atari still had a couple more cool games that they showed me. For the RCT lovers still here, Atari is actually making your rollercoaster designs rideable. Whaaaaaa? Yes, you read that correctly. Called RollerCoaster Tycoon Joyride, the game is set in a virtual reality where you can design your own rollercoaster to ride. Pretty standard RCT stuff. The cool part though with this game is you get to ride your own rollercoaster.

Not gonna lie, it was my first time using a VR headset so I was definitely a little dizzy after I got to try this out, but it was very fun. And not only can you ride the coaster, you can shoot things that could either make the ride go faster or slower or create obstacles in your way. And you shoot things with the controller while wearing the headset, so on the outside, I probably looked ridiculous. Basically, it’s a game in creating the coaster and then it’s a game when riding the coaster. There’s a lot going on, and there may be a slight learning curve, but honestly, I had to admit that it was a great way to keep RCT up-to-date with the times of tech. Though, personally, because I got dizzy after playing, this game just wasn’t for me but it was definitely fun.

And last but not least, Atari introduced me to Transit City Touch. So this is a simulation mobile game that, like Night Driver, is free-to-play with some in-app purchases available. With this game, you get to control and build your own city, and ensure that it can grow and run smoothly. And there are also missions and projects to fulfill and cards to collect to keep you interacting with the game.

And similar to Night Driver, I found that Transit City Touch is very much a game that is kinda played mindlessly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are people who could be very meticulous with the game in terms of what buildings to put down and what sort of goods to create. So you could play it like that or just as something to tap on once in a while when you have downtime. It is a pretty game in terms of graphics though. The buildings are very detailed and colorful.  I personally was very amused by the flying birds on the screen and the random hot air balloon just floating in the sky. But in terms of game play, it’s not so much something I am into, but I can see how it can become addictive to play.

So that’s my round-up of Atari’s games from E3. Are you a die-hard RCT fan? Or maybe now you want to try out these new games. Tell us your thoughts and comments!

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