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Ant-Man and The Wasp Press Conference Video Recap

I was invited to the ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Press Conference last week and of course, I had an incredible time. Thank you, Disney and Marvel Studios for creating such an awesome event.

Before you check out the press junket recap, here’s a vlog recap from our press junket visit to fully show how awesome it was!

Get a look at some of the merchandise that was displayed at the reception!

Paul Rudd spoke about coming back to the Marvel franchise after Civil War.

“I try and think of the film as a whole and I think of every character,” Rudd said. “This has been a collaborative effort more than anything I’ve ever worked on and to think that I actually wrote it would be a gross overstatement.”

To prepare for her role Evangeline Lilly studied Quantum Physics!

When the moderator asked: If anyone is comfortable kind of explaining some of the quantum science that was played within the film? Lilly was eager to respond.

“I actually can answer that question. Because I really love quantum physics and always did before this happened and that’s one of the reasons I was excited about this brand, as I really dig quantum physics and you know, at one point we thought the atom was the beyond all and end all; that everything ended at the atom. That was the smallest nucleus in the world. But actually, we discovered that the atom is kinetic. And that atoms exist in multiple places at the same time. And that was scientifically proven and once you discover that, then you know that matter is kinetic and matter is displacing all the time and if it can be displaced, it can be warped. And So if you can warp it then you can warp size, you can warp matter and also, can you warp time? Can you warp reality? Can you warp
universes? Right?”

775177945LS00018_Marvel_Stu.JPGWhen asked about how they approached the movie since this is Rudd’s 3rd time in the role this is what director Peyton Reed had to say

It actually was, and it’s a really good you make; it is a
sequel to both movies. And what was cool about Captain America: Civil War is
we could not ignore what had happened to Scott Lang in that movie, in this
movie. And it gave us an organic jumping off point, because my first reaction
was… what would Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne think about Scott taking the
suit and getting involved with this and fighting with the Avengers? Well, they’d be pissed off. So it really gave us this whole… starting point where it’s like, well, what if they were estranged at the beginning of the movie, as a result of this? You know, there are ramifications of the Sokovia Accords and… and Scott being on house arrest and it really gave us a really, a natural starting point.



Hannah John-Kamen talked about her character Ghost and if she thinks she’s actually a villain.

HANNAH JOHN-KAMEN: I think, you know, I definitely
approach the character… not as a villain, at all. Definitely a threat… to the
characters and the heroes of the movie. But when… I [SOUNDS LIKE] I guess
when you play a villain, you have to play it like you’re the good guy and everyone
else is bad. So everyone else is the bad guy, and you’re the good guy. So. And
she, I mean, the stakes are so high, she has such a clear objective in the movie
and you know, every man for himself. Every woman for herself.

We have more coverage from the press junket coming soon! Make sure to check out our spoiler-free review of the movie!


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