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GOC Comic Reviews: ‘Detective Comics #983’


Detective Comics #983
Written by Bryan Hill
Pencils by Miguel Mendonca
Inks by Diana Egea
Colours by Adriano Lucas
Letters by Sal Cipriano

Not many people seem to know this, but an important part of the Batman’s lore and myth is the Batfamily, more importantly, his sons and daughters, the ones he takes in when no one else believes in them, the ones that seem lost and are in need of a path to set them straight.

They are as important to his story as the death of his parents, and while some could say that Batman works alone, that’s far from the truth. Batman works with a team, and even though its true that sometimes he can be a bit of a jerk towards them, the truth is there’s love, care and affection in those relationships.

But is in this new arc in Detective Comics #983 that all of that seems challenged when a mysterious villain, who happens to know everything about Batman, starts targeting his children, starting with Duke Thomas and Cassandra Cain.

“You make him weak” is what the villains sais right before attacking Signal and Orphan out of nowhere. Sadly, they are not the only ones in danger, as this new villain also wants Batman to separate himself from those who admire him and sleep better at night knowing he’s there.

Batman was created to inspire terror in the eyes of criminals, to terrorize Gotham City into order and peace, the result of trauma not healed by a crime in the middle of the night. But, somehow, along the way, it began to inspire people, to give them hope and to become a symbol of justice. And, according to the mysterious villain, that’s not who Batman is.

The Outsider part 1, presents us the beginning of a really interesting story arc, exploring a part of the Batman mythos that, while known, seems a little sided by some fans. Exploring the importance of the Bat-family to Bruce seems rather interesting, especially if we take into account that his wedding with Catwoman is just around the corner.

Here at GOC, we give Detective Comics #983 a 10 out 10 times Batman has cared for his children.

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