‘Doctor Strange’ Director Departs ‘Snowpiercer’ TV Pilot

Snowpiercer Courtesy of Moho Film

TNT’s television adaptation of Snowpiercer has had a rocky development cycle. Not long after entering into production, the series lost its first showrunner, Josh Friedman. It didn’t take long for the network to find a replacement in Orphan Black’s co-creator, Graeme Manson. Unfortunately, another bump in the road has emerged as Scott Derrickson, the pilot’s director, exits the project.

Derrickson, whose credits include Doctor Strange and Sinister, announced the news via his personal Twitter page. According to him, the pilot requires “extreme reshoots,” which he won’t be returning to helm. The reasoning behind Derrickson’s decision concerns creative differences. Apparently the new showrunner’s vision doesn’t mesh with what the Doctor Strange director initially signed on to for.

At the time of writing, what Derrickson’s departure entails for the Snowpiercer pilot remains unknown. Considering his statement about reshoots, it seems that much of what he may have filmed will likely be scrapped.

What are your thoughts on a Snowpiercer television series? Let us know in the comments section.

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