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Jordan Peele’s Sci-Fi Anthology ‘Weird City’ Ordered to Series at YouTube Premium

Academy Award winning writer-director, Jordan Peele is definitely keeping busy. Fresh off his Oscar win for Get Out and following the news that his Nazi hunter show will appear on Amazon Studios, Peele has a new sci-fi anthology which has been ordered to series by YouTube.

The series titled Weird City, is set in the not too distant future and will follow the happenings of everyday life in the city of Weird. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “each episode will explore issues that pertain to present-day life in Weird — stories that can only be told through the prism of sci-fi and comedy.”

jordan peele-get out

Jordan Peele directing on the set of Get Out (Courtesy of Blumhouse)

In a statment about the upcoming show, Peele said, “Writer/creator Charlie Sanders and I collaborated on some Key & Peele sketches that took on everything from the ‘Black Republicans’ to ‘Continental Breakfasts’ to ‘Family Matters. Now, with YouTube we present a series of comedy driven twisted-ass science fiction stories that take place in a world close to ours but just a little bit off.”

In addition to being co-written by Sanders, Jose Molina (The Tick) will serve as showrunner, while Adam Bernstein (Fargo, Scrubs) will direct the first two episodes. Weird City has been in development for a few years; the project set up at Hulu back in 2015.

Are you excited for Peele’s next project, Weird City? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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